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A Guideline On Buying The Best Crabs

The best kinds of the crabs are the ones that are fresh and still showing some signs of life. When you are planning to have your crabs for the meals, you need to be considerate of the kinds that you will select. When you want to buy the crab, the following needs you be in your mind.

Analyze The Conditions That The Crabs Are Exposed To

The storage of the crabs determines the quality that you will have. You should consider the vendor that sells the crabs in the dry containers. It will be difficult for the crabs that are placed in the container of water to have the fleshy meat because they will use most of their reserves in their movements. The crabs need to show some signs of freshness and those that have recently been caught are the best.

Be Sure About The Gender That You Need

You should be specific on the kind of the gender of the crabs. All of them are eaten but it is important that you maintain the rules by going for the male crabs as there is a limit on the number of the female crabs that you can buy. Going for the males ensures that you get the crabs next time you are going for them.

Go For The Right Sizes

You need to have the size that you need at the back of your mind. The sizes will range from the small to the biggest. When your vendor is numbering the crabs to sell them, you should find the ideal size that will fit your family.

Check On The Quality Of The Crabs

You need to have the keen eyes to check on the quality of the crabs. To determine the quality, you can squeeze the back of the crab’s shell using the force of your hands. When you cannot crack the back of the crabs using your fingers, then you should go for it because they will have the type of the flesh that you need.

Identify The Audience That Will Participate In Eating The Crabs

You need to be sure of the crab picker whether you are buying it alive or steamed. You should ensure that your kids enjoy eating the crabs by going for the ones that are fleshy and less bony.

Ensure that you identify the crabs that do not have the shiny type of the cells. The types with the dull shapes can molt anytime soon and that shows that they have enough flesh. You should be sure that your supplier is a reputable dealer that only deals with the crabs that do not have any kind of smell.

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