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Five Important Guides to Conducting Family Devotions

Family devotions encompass reading the word of God which is the Bible and praying. Prayers, fellowships and spiritual growth are the main constituents of the family devotions. Parents or guardians should lead family devotions. In case where the mother or the father is not available, the grandmother or grandfather could take up the role in conducting family devotions. The older children could also lead family devotions if the parents are not available, this is if they are old enough to read the bible.

The importance of family devotions should not be taken for granted. Here are important tips to help you get to conduct the best family devotions ever.

1. Daily Family Devotions Should be Led by Committed Family Members

The father or the mother should lead the family devotions. At least one of the two parents should be ordained by God. At the moment where the parents are not around, the grandparents or the guardians can take over the role of conducting family devotions. Where the parents are not available, but there are older children who are strong in the ways of the Lord, they could lead the family devotions.

2.Time to do Family Devotions
Family devotions should be done at the agreed time. Right before meals families could conduct daily devotions. Whatever time a family agrees on to have family devotions, it is important to be energetic and zealous about it. Each family member who is capable should be given a role in daily devotions for the family. Literate members of the family could be offered the role of reading the Bible and leading discussions and prayers.

3. Discussions should be embraced
Let capable members of the family participate in the daily devotions for the family. Family devotions could become dull if lectures are the only way to conduct them. So encouraging discussions among the family members is the best since it’d foster participation.

4. Set time to start and the time to end
Having defined time to begin and close the family devotion sessions is important to help avoid monotony. Following the schedule is important for everyone. So be on time to make the family devotions the best.

5. Make it lively
Boring family devotions might make some of the family members to skip some sessions, especially the older ones. Capture the interests of the family members by making family devotions lively and positive.

Daily devotions for the family are vital. Just ensure that you don’t make them be complicated. Let family devotions be simple and practical. To form the habit of daily devotions for family in your kids, you should begin when they are still young.

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