What To Expect In The Latest Android Version 2020

Android’s latest update, Android 2020, is going to be available to all users later this year. This new version of Google’s mobile operating system has some big things in store for users that are interested in getting an upgrade into their phones or tablets.

What To Expect In The Latest Android Version 2020

Android’s current “L” version was released in 2012. Android L was the second major update to the mobile operating system and marked the first major step toward Android’s goal of becoming the biggest mobile OS by market share. Android L came with several new features that were aimed at increasing its competitiveness with the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Android L came with a number of new features and applications, including the introduction of a new application model for creating applications on Android; the introduction of Google’s Android Auto service, which allows users to integrate different services such as maps, messaging, payment and others into their cars through a central dashboard; Google Places, which give users access to local businesses using the Google Maps service; a redesigned Google Buzz, which allows users to post comments and updates on a wide variety of topics; the introduction of YouTube for Android; the Google Play Store; and, of course, the long-awaited feature of Android TV. Google’s newest mobile OS Android L also came with a host of improvements to the way that the phone and tablet operate. Below we have a look at some of the most important features included in Android L.

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The most notable feature of Android L is Android Auto. The Android Auto service allows users to use their phones and tablets as a compatible car device. The software can function both as an integrated entertainment system as well as a full-fledged navigation device. With Android Auto, you will be able to access your phone’s Bluetooth settings and use these to connect your device to the car’s navigation system, as well as using your screen to access features such as the speedometer, map, and voice commands.

Android’s new version of the user interface also includes a built-in browser, which means that when you are online you can browse the web while your device serves up the same amount of information. Another big change in the interface that is part of Android L is the inclusion of Google Now on Tap. This feature allows you to search for something you want by simply asking Google’s new smart assistant, which will search within the internet and bring up the relevant information as soon as possible.

Android L also has a new feature called Smart Bulletin. This feature helps users to make certain types of changes to their phones and tablets by having them automatically download the relevant changes. from their Google account.

There are many other useful features in Android L such as Smart Lock, which enables you to make a call even when your phone is locked. Smart QuickSettings allows you to access various elements of your device’s settings through a few different buttons and a new screen lock. Another handy feature is called Location Services, which helps you find places quickly. with location data.

Other useful additions that you should expect to see in the latest version of Android L include better Bluetooth support, improved file management, a built-in SMS/text editor, and the ability to access the mobile web without Wi-Fi. For those who use their phones as work devices, the new Google Keyboard will let you send short messages via Bluetooth. as well as add widgets to your home screen. The keyboard comes with plenty of customization options.


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